Engineering Manager Candidates

Candidate #1: Engineering Manager

Summary of Qualifications


Energetic manufacturing engineering professional of over 16yrs. I bring a solid mechanical aptitude and materials background from tooling & die and equipment maintenance, and high volume production Process and Quality engineering. Also highly specialized in industry compliances such as NDI radiography and safety training. I am happy to share my many cost down projects ranging from improving efficiency to financial planning.

Seeking to work with developing technologies to engineer better operations and develop better people for a more sustainable future utilizing my industry contacts, analytical skills, and deep industry resourceful knowledge.


Associate Engineering Manager     Tesla Inc., Lathrop, California.

  • Coordinated quality engineering across the casting, heat treatment, machining, a state of the art conversion coating, extrusion assembly operations for the award winning S and X Vehicle Mfg.
  • Contributed to Central Manufacturing’s planning for the production, quality, and delivery teams.
  • Coordinated process development, QA, and equipment resources for large scope projects involving Equipment Acquisition and APQP for start-up of 5 different manufacturing operations.
  • Reported project updates, delays, and schedule changes to director level management.
  • Oversaw in record time the on boarding process of 100+ staff of engineers, production, and managers.
  • Forged alliances with team collaboration between the design, materials, and several process engineering groups by creating specifications, standards, and validations.
  • Key technical leader for NDI inspection including ultrasonic, radiography, liquid penetrant, and others.
  • Implemented Tesla’s first project of a plant wide Six Sigma training program.
  • Achieved record time production rates (SOP to 500 vehicle/week) both internal and supplier operations.
  • Key supplier consult to purchasing and supplier quality for contracts both domestic and global partners.
  • Evaluated and recommended changes in production strategies to utilize latest industry technologies for both new and existing standardized practice.
  • Presented strategic solutions for production planning and engineering with top management.



Candidate #2: Engineering Manager

Summary of Qualifications


Resourceful, innovative leader recognized for the ability to build strong relationships, cut costs, and streamline operations. Experienced in the development and execution of processes in lean manufacturing and team building.  Able to leverage skills in leadership, technology, engineering, and operational excellence.

►Lean Manufacturing        ► Negotiations

►Quality Systems              ► Budgeting

►Problem Solving              ► Project Management

►Decision Making              ► Leadership


Vehicle Assembly Quality Operations Manager                                           

  • Led Quality Operations for Vehicle Assy. (800+ vehicles daily)
  • Managed quality spills, problem solving, and vehicle containment.
  • Developed and managed torque monitoring and quality verification standardized work.

 VAA Supplier Manager                                                                                  

  • Manager for 3 key suppliers (Suspension, Head Liners, Cockpit)
  • Led the planning, development, and readiness for new product launches.
  • Assisted Suppliers with quality issues and problem solving.

 General Assembly Shift Leader                                                                      

  • Led shift operations in Trim and Chassis including 300+ team members.
  • Consistently met Safety, People, Quality, Cost, Responsiveness, and Environment targets.
  • Lean Manufacturing trainer, coach and mentor to Group Leaders and Team Leaders.

 Plant Planning Administrator,

  • Led the planning and execution of new vehicle annual model changes.
  • Led the planning and development of the plant’s Business Plan Deployment (BPD).
  • Mentor to the Group Leader Professional Managers Network.

 General Assembly Global Launch Manager,

  • Managed Production and Engineering Teams with the planning and execution of the  global launch.
  • Ensured Product and Process requirements were met and executed in General Assembly.
  • Managed pre-production builds.