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Required Deposit: $4,000.00

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The Quick Value Tool is used to identify where the “high leverage” issues/problems reside within your manufacturing company/supplier. Subsequently, a detailed, focused plan will be developed to address the specific areas requiring improvement. All data and related improvement plans are held to be fully confidential.

  • Step 1 is to benchmark the company’s performance on 15 key performance indicators. The majority of these measurements are most likely already being tracked by your company. There are six specific metrics, which are evaluated by HVMC’s experienced manufacturing experts. This on-site evaluation is usually performed during a one-day visit to your manufacturing facility.
  • Step 2 is to analyze the benchmarked data to identify specific performance areas that require improvement. The 15 performance indicators for your company are then compared to the best performing manufacturing companies in North America.
  • Step 3 is to develop a laser-focused, corrective action plan that will lead to quickly attainable strong results. While access to this action plan is limited solely to your company, HVMC is ready to offer assistance.

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Bill May
High Value Manufacturing Consulting

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Required Deposit – $4,000, Full Payment – $8,000


High Value deliverables to help you create quality products, improved throughput and cost effective operations.


Seasoned manufacturing professionals who understand your challenges, High Value Manufacturing Consulting will minimize your learning curve and maximize your investment.


Our clients want bottom line results, whether it’s greater margins, enhanced quality or maximized throughput, High Value Manufacturing Consulting knows you value the return on your investment.