Manufacturing Is Changing... Are you Prepared?

As a small-to-medium manufacturer, you struggle with a number of PLANNING, OPERATIONAL, and RESOURCE CHALLENGES, unique to your industry and reflective of an ever-evolving economic picture.

THE QUICK VALUE TOOL is a rapid-response, laser-focused, and truly impactful way to enhance operations and address critical issues across your organization, driving costs down, while increasing quality and throughput. HVMC utilizes this tool in our Business consultation services.

THE QUICK VALUE TOOL provides the foundation for HVMC management consulting and advisory services in the areas of corporate growth strategy, innovation and growth processes, organizational transformation, and talent management and development strategies.

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What Is It?

The Quick Value Tool is a highly innovative and proprietary methodology developed by Bill May, President of High Value Manufacturing Consulting.

How Does It Work?

The Quick Value Tool provides a wide-angle, bird’s-eye view of your facility and its operations, exposing otherwise undetectable inefficiencies where they exist.

Why Do I Need It?

If your facility is like most, you’re juggling several of the following issues on a daily basis, and it’s costing you money.

Are You Prepared?

THE QUICK VALUE TOOL puts you and your company clearly on the path to successfully navigating and taking full advantage of this rapidly changing manufacturing scenario.