Increased Profits
HVMC can facilitate your achievement to greater profitably.   Experience shows that to provide high value results we need to create shorter-term solutions. Our Proprietary 3 Step Assessment will evaluate operations, plant  and productivity processes more quickly, shortening traditional consulting time windows.
Operations Assessments: HVMC can perform a 3 to 5 day assessment of your manufacturing operations. This assessment will become the “roadmap” on how to improve your profits and build better margins.

Process and Productivity Improvements: HVMC has the expertise to hone in on specific areas of your business; quality, cost and through-put to deliver significant improvements quickly. 

Supply chain management: If your company sources suppliers that are adversely impacting your business, HVMC can provide direct intervention quickly to resolve your issues. Help reduce risk on exchange rate fluctuations with localized sourcing.

Supplemental short-term resources: If you are in need of resources to assist with specific project activities, High Value Manufacturing Consulting can provide experienced resources to perform the following tasks:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Plant Layout
  • Capacity Planning
  • Systems and Feasibility Studies


High Value deliverables to help you create quality products, improved throughput and cost effective operations.


Seasoned manufacturing professionals who understand your challenges, High Value Manufacturing Consulting will minimize your learning curve and maximize your investment.


Our clients want bottom line results, whether it’s greater margins, enhanced quality or maximized throughput, High Value Manufacturing Consulting knows you value the return on your investment.