After only 4 months, manufacturing facility reduces inventory by greater than 35% and increases output by 100%

Within 6 months, increased quality metrics by 75% meeting benchmark levels within 24 months.

Tier 2 automotive supplier implemented product design, process design and operational improvements realizing a 50% reduction in manufacturing scrap.

High Value Manufacturing Consulting understands what it takes to be successful in today’s manufacturing environment. As a world-class manufacturing consulting firm based in Nashville/Brentwood, TN, our company is comprised of seasoned professionals who know how to course-correct your manufacturing challenges and how to bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing knowledge and new techniques. High Value Manufacturing Consulting is committed to helping our clients assess current manufacturing issues, plan for future needs, and achieve sustainable growth.

Value | Experience | Results

Fueled with decades of professional experience, the team at High Value Manufacturing Consulting draws upon real world techniques and industry best practices to save you time and money. We realize manufacturing facilities today are confronted with a number of resource challenges related to availability of skilled personnel, planning time, and technological capability. Working with the experienced team at High Value Manufacturing Consulting creates value by leading to impactful results. Let us help you…

      • Acquire short-term experienced resources to assist your growth and new product introductions.
      • Stop eroding margins by reducing waste and improving efficiency.
      • Increase your manufacturing quality with time-tested strategies.
      • Generate greater profits despite rising manufacturing costs.
      • Maximize new product manufacturing capacity to meet customer demand.
      • Meet on-time shipments and exceed customer expectations.
      • Demonstrate a path to compliance that will increase customer satisfaction and lead to new business opportunities.

Expertise in Compliance

Whether your company is looking to simplify internal processes, reduce manufacturing costs, or streamline supplier relationships, High Value Manufacturing Consulting has the know-how and experience to get you back on track. We focus on developing a comprehensive path to compliance that is unique to your company’s current operational challenges and resource requirements.

Compliance is a process of validating requirements and regulations imposed by a standard against a target, ensuring that entity acts according to an order or set of rules.

How do You Know if Your Plant is Out of Compliance?

If you answer YES to any of the following assessment questions, there may be a need to evaluate compliance practices in your plant.

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