Business Opportunities at Home

High Value Manufacturing Consulting understands the importance of supply chain reliability. On-Shoring your company’s operations may be the best solution for quickly meeting and servicing market needs.

The relocation of business processes to a lower-cost location within the same domestic borders has the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and allow more flexibility for addressing market changes and supply chain issues.

Our team has extensive international and domestic experience in manufacturing — including plant expansions, new plant launches, new product launches, and OEM & supply chain improvement initiatives.

Pre & Post Acquisition Assessments

If your company is considering purchasing or selling a manufacturing facility, High Value Manufacturing Consulting has the industry experience to help you navigate the process. As part of due diligence, a company should always include a manufacturing operations assessment.

Our team provides the following manufacturing assessments to ensure that your business transaction provides maximum value:

  • New opportunities
  • Plant and equipment
  • Competitive evaluation
  • Sales and distribution analysis
  • Expansion potential

New Plant & Product Launches

If you are planning the launch of a new product or adding capacity for an existing product, High Value Manufacturing Consulting has the expertise to ensure this new business launches smoothly and provides the required quality and cost effectiveness in a timely manner.

We have developed a 12-step Proprietary Launch Process for new product manufacturing. Our process minimizes common issues from traditional product launches by:

  • Shortening launch cycle time
  • Reducing new product costs
  • Increasing quality output

Is On-Shoring an option for your company?

The team at High Value Manufacturing Consulting can walk you through the  necessary assessments to provide a plan of action for success in meeting your operational and financial goals. Does on-shoring make sense for your company? Let’s find out.

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