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High Value Manufacturing works with OEMs & Tier 1/2/3 suppliers in automotive, aerospace, and defense industries to increase productivity, cut costs, and generate cash to the bottom line.

We believe that manufacturing companies need to be lean and quick to change to thrive in today’s global economy. That’s why HVMC deploys experienced professionals who can deliver bottom line results quickly. Every client engagement centers around improvements that lead to increased profitability. Our team focuses on:

  • Producing the highest quality products
  • Improving through-put
  • Maintaining cost effective operations

From the beginning, the culture and operations at HVMC have been shaped by our high values. These values drive our collaboration with manufacturers to grow strategically and profitably. It is our mission to provide exceptional, unmatched value in every client project.

HVMC Solutions

At High Value Manufacturing, we base our consulting model on the 11+1 Quality Management Strategies, with short-term tasks that create immediate quality results. Rather than placing full time contractors in your plant or your suppliers’ plants, we assume the role of “Traveling Expert” to provide tools, mentoring, and guidance to the existing quality management team. It is through this streamlined model that HVMC delivers immediate value to OEMs and suppliers.

Our team applies a variety of tools to customize consulting services that deliver value while achieving client goals. The scope of service for each client engagement is defined based on a thorough understanding of operations.

Operations Assessments

HVMC can perform a 3-to-5-day assessment of your manufacturing operations. This assessment will become the “roadmap” on how to improve your profits and build better margins.


Supply Chain Management

If your company sources suppliers that are adversely impacting your business, HVMC can provide direct intervention quickly to resolve your issues.


Evaluation/Benchmark of Operating KPIs

HVMC can evaluate whether a plant’s established KPIs are meaningful and relevant to operational success.

Process and Productivity Improvements

We have the expertise to hone in on specific areas of your business (quality, through-put, costs) to deliver significant improvements quickly.


Supplemental Short-Term Resources

If you need resources to assist with specific project activities, HVMC can provide experienced resources to perform the following tasks:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Plant Layout
  • Capacity Planning
  • Systems and Feasibility Studies

Ready to increase profitability?

Let’s discuss how High Value Manufacturing could partner with you and your suppliers to improve operations and increase profitability. Our experienced team offers a fresh perspective on manufacturing operations. We work directly with clients to simultaneously address current operational challenges and focus on continuous improvements.

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