It’s Good to Be Green!

We’ve all seen it. Metrics established for the year, and, for whatever reason, achieved prior to year-end. Sometimes by mid-year. Were we that good? Or was the target set too low? And now what? Ride out the year proudly displaying green to the goal? Tempting…very,...

Solutions from Unlikely Sources

It’s one of THOSE problems. You have tried every solution in your toolbox without success. It is not going away. The problem needs to be fixed so you can move forward. (In this context – it doesn’t matter whether this is a work problem, a home problem, a personal...

Ready, Fire, Aim!!!!!

Is that the description of your company’s last performance improvement project? (By William May, President, High Value Manufacturing Consulting) Most of us small business owners do not have a difficult time realizing that we need to improve our business. Typically, we...


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