Why Are We Here?

To Help American Manufacturers and Their Investors

By: Becky Ferrell

Bill May and I have attended and represented High Value Manufacturing at several conference events sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). We met a lot of great people through scheduled one-on-one meetings, casual networking interactions, and exchanges with visitors to our exhibit tables. We were asked:

What is a manufacturing consulting company doing HERE?

It was a great question, and one we responded to repeatedly throughout the course of the conferences.

One such interaction stands out in both our minds. A gentleman walked up to our booth, read our company name out loud, and then asked the two questions:

“What is a manufacturing company doing here?” & What do you do?”  

He listened intently to our responses, and then, with a pained look on his face, said,

“I wish I had found you guys six months ago! I just had an investment go bankrupt.  I think you may have been able to help….”

That conversation stuck with us. We’ve discussed it at length. There are a variety of ways that HVM serves as a resource to stakeholders to maximize the value of and ROI of transactions involving manufacturing companies.



Hopefully this helps explain why HVM attends these conferences and where we can help. Identified risks reduce the value!  Don’t pass up an opportunity because you don’t have the expertise or time to fix it. HVM’s passion is identifying performance shortfalls AND providing guidance to close those gaps.

If you can identify with any of the statements above, the question becomes:

Will you engage us now, or regret that you didn’t six months from now?


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