High Value Manufacturing Consulting Launches

September 15th, 2015 – Brentwood Tennessee’s manufacturing growth facilitator, High Value Manufacturing Consulting launches consulting firm to help small to mid-sized manufacturing companies. The company’s mission is to provide quick response solutions that net high value manufacturing results. Located at 9005 Overlook Blvd. in Brentwood, TN the business offers experienced solutions that draw upon seasoned professionals to an underserved small to mid-sized manufacturing market in the Southeast.

“ American manufacturing is once again faced with the prospect of expanding domestic and export market opportunities as the United State shifts from an internationally focused manufacturing presence.” Says President and Founder, William May. With over 35 years of both Domestic and International manufacturing experience, Bill wants to address the knowledge base worker shortage that many manufacturing companies face today.

High Value Manufacturing Consulting provides a variety of services from start-up to established facilities that include; operational assessments, process and productivity improvements and supply chain efficiencies. The company also supports new product launches and offers supplemental short-term resources like: process and program management, industrial engineering, capacity planning and feasibility studies.

In addition, if a manufacturing firm is looking for pre or post acquisition support, High Value Manufacturing Consulting can help owners or prospective buyers navigate the process.

“Our Mission is to provide high valued, experienced consultant solutions that deliver quality products, improved throughput and cost effective operations.” Says William

The company has launched a brand new website complete with a blog to share innovative manufacturing ideas and set up social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As explained by May, “The Company expects to grow substantially within the first year. We have several strategic partnerships in the works that will bring even more support and experience to manufacturing companies here in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast.”

For more information, visit www.highvaluemanufacturingconsulting.com



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