What is High Value Manufacturing ?

The University of Cambridge defines high value manufacturing as: companies who benefit from highly skilled, knowledge-intensive manufacturing operations while competing on unique value and innovation.

At High Value Manufacturing Consulting we focus on Value and Simplicity based Consulting: Words that typically don’t resonate when describing the manufacturing consulting industry. As founder of HVMC, I set out to incorporate a High Value manufacturing philosophy and re-define consulting based on the needs uncovered during my 35 years in the manufacturing industry.

My senior management experience with consultants in the automotive manufacturing industry had been mixed: expensive, complicated and resource consuming.

Experiences taught me that value was not only about cost but also the importance, worth, or usefulness of the recommendation. As a true “manufacturing” guy, I know that managing cost is mandatory. By providing high value, symplicity based solutions, HVMC provides quicker, more affordable and easy to understand solutions. …Simple solutions mean implementation costs are minimized and that provides maximum value to our clients.

In today’s manufacturing environment, managers are challenged with scarce resources: lack of skilled labor, technological innovation and production inefficiency just to name a few. If your company is struggling to understand why margins are dwindling, quality is suffering, costs are rising, or through-put is stagnant, it’s time to course correct with experienced professional help.

Most recently we implemented simple inventory visualization and FIFO techniques within a client’s manufacturing facility. We discovered simple process improvements which provided significant through-put and quality advantages.

The combination of these three factors, improved quality, increased through-put, and a reduction in inventory allowed for a 3.5 % increase in sales forecast over a 2 month period and a 13.8% increase in sales forecast for the budget year while reducing costs. These improvements in manufacturing performance resulted in improved margins for the client.

If you’re company is looking for cost-effective, simplified solutions like:

  • Improved Margins
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Costs
  • Greater through-put
  • On-time Shipments
  • Streamlined Product Launches

… Let High Value Manufacturing Consulting provide your company high value soltions to your company’s manufacturing challenges.



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