What’s Needed Most in Today’s Manufacturing Plants?

American manufacturing is once again faced with the prospect of expanding domestic and export market opportunities as the United States shifts from an internationally focused manufacturing presence. A relatively new manufacturing philosophy has evolved from these shifts. We are experiencing an era of “High Value” Manufacturing.

The University of Cambridge defines High Value Manufacturing as: companies who benefit from highly skilled, knowledge-intensive manufacturing operations while competing on unique value and innovation.

The United States continues to have a skilled resource shortage created by decades of shipping jobs overseas and an increasing number of retiring boomers. Because of this manufacturing companies are unable to meet rapidly changing resource demands.

To help fill the gap, High Value Manufacturing Consulting developed a quick response solution methodology that creates potent, short-term results. Utilizing a staff of experienced manufacturing experts, manufacturing businesses can benefit with operational oversight, process and productivity improvements.

In today’s manufacturing environment, managers are overwhelmingly challenged to overcome major obstacles on their pursuit of acceptable margins: lack of skilled labor, need for technological innovation and challenges addressing production inefficiencies consume all of the leadership’s time and energy.

Most consultants take months of expensive evaluation to summarize internal manufacturing issues. Most small to mid-sized manufacturing companies can’t afford the money or the time and need quick response solutions to create high value.

By providing high value, simplicity based solutions, organizations will benefit from quicker, more affordable and easy to understand solutions. …Simple solutions mean implementation costs are minimized and that provides maximum value.

If your company is struggling to understand why margins are dwindling, quality is suffering, costs are rising, or through-put is stagnant, it’s time to course correct with experienced professional help.



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