Why Hiring a Contractor is Advantageous

When hiring contractor services may be advantageous to your company’s success: We just cannot keep up with the customer’s demands!

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in both the Automotive and Aerospace industries require their supply bases to attain some level of Quality System Compliance to ensure they are provided with the expected quality level for the components they purchase. Many large OEMs in both the Automotive and Aerospace industries have the resources (dollars and people) to internalize these assessments and the technical solutions to attain compliance. Many large Tier 1 suppliers will also have the ability to attain the resources as well.

HVMC’s analysis indicates that smaller Tier 1s and almost all Tier 2s and 3s do not have sufficient skilled resources necessary to achieve AIAG/IAQG compliance.

As a small Tier 1 or a Tier 2 or 3 manufacturer in these times of scarce resources, high costs, and hyper-focus on cash flow why would you ever consider the utilization of contractors versus merely performing the necessary work with your own internal resources?

This particular issue is being discussed in Boardrooms all over the United States.

At HVMC we have also been discussing this issue and we would like to offer the following to help you analyze your current situation.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a consultant, can’t I just do this myself?

  •   Typically in today’s lean environment, smaller Tier 1s and Tier 2s and 3s do not have “extra” resources available to perform these tasks in a timely manner. Day to day activities will take priority over the pre-certification activities necessary to prepare the plant for the final 3rd party certification. Additionally, while excellent training and roadmaps exist to train suppliers (https://www.aiag.org/supplysafe), there is little or no assistance to provide proven methodologies to assist in overcoming barriers during the application of training, often leading to frustration, sub-optimization, or failure to improve. HVMC brings the seasoned expertise and the well-developed processes and documentation necessary to complete compliance preparation quickly.

What level of expertise does HVMC bring to this engagement?

  •   Not only does HVMC bring tried and true techniques, but our personnel have, on average, 25 plus years of experience in the manufacturing sector. All of the HVMC team members have a significant percentage of their experience in manufacturing plants, both domestic and global. Accordingly, they can easily identify with the issues your organization is facing on a daily basis. You can be assured that HVMC employs only the most highly experienced and skilled people.

What methodologies will HVMC utilize?

  •   None of the processes and methodologies used by HVMC are proprietary. All the techniques, documentation, and methods are readily available from open internet sources, much of it honed through experience in application across global manufacturing facilities.  Any HVMC specific training material may be utilized for internal training after the completion of the engagement. All techniques to be used by HVMC are supported as appropriate and acceptable to the certification/assessment entities.

What is the cost-benefit of deploying HVMC?

  •   HVMC’s Home Healthcare Model allows that the highly skilled and experienced resources are deployed into your plant only as required to complete the specific task at hand. HVMC does not send “large teams” into your plant. HVMC deploys and bills on an hourly basis, so your costs are minimized. We typically can perform the necessary tasks, with the client’s resources, at 50% of the total cost if you performed the work unassisted by HVMC. These hourly rates are agreed to, up-front as part of the contract negotiation process.

How do I determine that HVMC has the expertise promised?

  •   HVMC will provide “blind” resumes of all of the individuals to be deployed on your engagement in advance. If after the HVMC resources are in your plant and you become dissatisfied for any reason, HVMC will remove and replace that individual immediately. References will be provided upon request.

How soon can HVMC get started?

  •   Once the contract has been signed, a dedicated Project leader will be assigned. At the end of Phase 1 and Phase 2 a detailed plan, including a timeline, will be reviewed and approved by the client. This plan will include resource requirements for both the Client and HVMC.

How do we know the progress is being made per the plan?

  •   Each phase has very specific “exit criteria” which will be reviewed by both parties at the end of each phase. Each phase will require an additional contract to proceed. The over-all engagement will be documented and framed with a Memorandum of Understanding prior to initial contract signing.

How do I know the core tool training provided will meet the requirements of AIAG or other certifying entities?

  •   HVMC will direct that all of the client’s training activities to use the training packages already developed and provided by AIAG or similar agencies.

At High Value Manufacturing Consulting, we realize manufacturing companies today struggle with several planning, operational, and resource challenges. As a world-class manufacturing consulting firm our goal is to help our Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, and other manufacturing clients assess current operational issues, plan for future needs, provide concrete recommendations, and provide the skilled resources required for sustainable growth. Contact us at info@highvaluemanufacturingconsulting.com



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