Supplemental Skilled Resource & Employee Mentorship: Customer Site Quality Rep


Fulfill responsibilities of Customer Site Quality Representative, until a full-time hire was onboarded, for a casting facility of a major North American automotive OEM; train and mentor new hire for successful continuation of the role.


Reduced block inspection; Decreased overtime; Eliminated IMPREG block inventory; Reduced scrap inventory


  • The Customer Site Rep is responsible for verifying and communicating casting issues at assembly; facilitating diagnostics of issues; preparing parts for return delivery; organizing sort methods for scrap; developing standardized process for rework; managing required containments and production trials; completing and distributing daily quality reports.
  • The casting facility produces three engine block castings for a Global Propulsion Systems Plant. The casting work group at the customer assembly plant operates independently “on an island,” therefore lacking a broader view of operations and resulting in missed opportunities for improvement and streamlined processes.
  • Upon assuming this assignment, the Customer Site Rep position required an extensive amount of handwritten quality reports as well as data transfer between reports with no effective means of auditing.
  • The amount of time required to keep up with daily reporting (approximately 3.5 hours/daily) was resulting in unnecessary overtime hours. In addition, unmanaged area inventories also led to inefficient utilization of time.
  • Upon completion of this assignment, time spent on block inspection and reporting had been significantly reduced; existing inventories had been reduced or eliminated; the new hire was trained using more streamlined processes for improved efficiency at the customer plant.
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