Transition PFMEAs & PCP Spreadsheets to a Relational Database "FMEA+" Application


Prepare spreadsheet PFMEAs and PCPs to be transitioned from Microsoft Symphony (via Stature, in interim) to a relational database “FMEA+” application for major North American automotive manufacturer.

Encompassing an entire global propulsion system plant:

> 5 Engine Models

> 4 Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head Types

> 3 Crankshaft Types

> 1 Engine Assembly Line

> Total of 417 manufacturing operations PFMEAs & PCPs


Better accuracy & efficiency in plant updates; Met deadline and budget through successful remote coordination among key players.


  • Original PFMEAs and PCPs not up-to-date or linked to each other.
  • Erroneous data from previous failed attempts to transition data to a different solution.
  • Updated original PFMEAs and PCPs; added numerous additional PFMEA updates.
  • Created Linkage Points in each PFEMA and PCP to be used to transition to relational database.
  • Ensured Linkage Points are unique, spelling identical, same syntax, correct data.
  • Completed FMEA+ software training.
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