Next Generation High Performance Engine Program Launch: Machining Line


Off-shift Process Engineering support for installation, qualification, & production start of an Engine Block & Crank Machining Line.


On-time install, debug & PPAP; SORP achieved solely on second shift; Project completed at budget; Achieved all safety requirements


  • Extremely accelerated time-line for project completion to meet demand.
  • Zeiss and bench gage reports manually reviewed 100% prior to setup of auto evaluation software for accuracy & gage plan adherence.
  • Communicate issues to first shift personnel, OEM & Product Engineers.
  • Coordinated activities of all off shift Service Personnel from Machine Tool Builders in support of installation, debug & qualification.
  • Debugged inspection equipment and communicated updates
  • Directed the activities of (3) production employees for inspection of the qualification parts.
  • Coordinated Plant Maintenance for equipment debug and qualification.
  • Manage qualification & launch of equipment into production.
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