Another look at: What is High Value Manufacturing?

Bill May, President and Founder of High Value ManufacturingThis is a question I am frequently asked, and a topic that I enjoy discussing with colleagues: “What is High Value Manufacturing?” I wrote a blog post in 2015 about the concept of high value manufacturing – which continues to be a popular aspiration in today’s economy that is focused on efficiency, profitability, responsiveness, and continuous improvement. Check out my original post HERE if you haven’t read it yet. So much in our world has changed in the years since I wrote it….

It feels like it’s time to revisit the topic of high value manufacturing now that I’ve grown my manufacturing consulting business over the last several years based on the very premise of delivering the highest value to our manufacturing clients. Heck, I named my company after this concept (i.e., directive). The formula we use to achieve high value for our clients is not a secret.

As I mentioned in my original post, the University of Cambridge defines high value manufacturing as: companies who benefit from highly skilled, knowledge-intensive manufacturing operations while competing on unique value and innovation.

This stuck with me. This definition motivated me to start High Value Manufacturing Consulting and continues to drive our client-focused mission every day.

I started this company to re-define manufacturing consulting. I had been in the manufacturing industry (primarily automotive) for nearly four decades when I decided to help other manufacturers address unresolved operational issues and inefficiencies in their plants by partnering with them as a consultant, advisor, resource, and mentor. My strategy involved using my own experience and manufacturing expertise, then building my team with other highly experienced, knowledgeable engineers and manufacturing professionals. I am proud to work such a skilled, capable team that also possesses incredible work ethic, solid communication skills, unwavering client-focus, and passion for mentorship of newer professionals in the manufacturing industry.

We focus on values and simplicity at HVMC. My team and I have a few suggestions for what to look for in a consulting firm if a manufacturer ever finds itself in a tough spot, either financially or operationally. We also share these tips for keeping high value manufacturing as a primary goal when seeking an outside perspective or when re-evaluating internal processes:

  • Achieving high value manufacturing does not need to be expensive. At HVMC, we charge clients only mutually agreed upon job-based fees: clients pay for the services actually delivered on-site and intended to result in immediate and measurable results. As a matter of fact, our clients frequently comment on how having 2 of our contractors in their plant is like having 5 of their own people assigned to the task.
  • Striving for high value manufacturing does not need to be complicated. Our highly experienced team knows how to apply best practices for establishing, measuring, and achieving key performance indicators related to efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. In addition, HVMC team members are capable of customizing standard processes and implementing innovation solutions for clients with unique process issues or workflow.
  • Practicing high value manufacturing does not need to be resource-consuming. Fewer labor hours are required for implementing operational changes when relying on a wealth of experience, industry and process knowledge, application of best practices, and innovative problem-solving. Less manpower equals lower cost and higher profits. The outcome is value.

Our goal is to provide maximum value to our clients. To do so requires cost-effective services and sustainable solutions that lead to greater profitability for our client. Sometimes, it’s hard for manufacturing leaders to know how to fix issues that exist in their plants – especially when dealing with quality issues, lack of skilled labor, supply chain disruptions, and constraints on time and training. We are happy to help.

Just in the last year, the HVMC team has advanced high value manufacturing for clients in these ways:

  • Implemented Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) for a batch manufacturer of consumer products and trained its production team for sustaining process controls and measurement. Based on a brief deployment by the HVMC team, this client improved product quality, achieved a more reliable delivery schedule, and strengthened customer satisfaction – all of which can be maintained long-term with the processes put in place.
  • Reorganized the parts storeroom and workflow for an OEM to increase efficiency in production and improve on-time delivery to customers. HVMC’s team identified a quick solution to reduce machine downtime and created a tracking system that enhanced communication and transparency among scheduling and production teams.
  • Improved equipment uptime and throughput for an automotive supplier and trained incoming engineering personnel on measuring and reporting operational objectives. HVMC’s highly skilled resource was able to pull from experience in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances, SPC, Gage Plan development, PFMEA, and PPAP to assess equipment/throughput issues and to implement long-term solutions that resulted in short-term efficiency gains.

I am proud of the value that the HVMC team delivers to our clients. We are able to quickly implement solutions with fewer labor hours due to the wealth of knowledge and experience among our team and network of highly skilled resources. We achieve immediate results, more quickly and at a lower cost than typical manufacturing consultants.

When it comes to high value manufacturing…HVMC walks the talk. Since 2015.

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