Video: Meet the HVM team that delivers results

High Value Manufacturing has assembled a team of highly experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals who are ready to roll up their sleeves on our clients’ toughest operational issues. Our knowledgeable project managers and skilled labor resources are equipped with more than 25-30 years (or more!) of hands-on industry experience and training.  

We are proud to share with you this quick video compilation of HVM leaders explaining our client-focused mission: Value | Experience | Results. 



We apply the principles of high value manufacturing with thorough assessment, planning, on-site implementation, measurement, monitoring, and mentoring – all conducted by these highly experienced professionals while working on-site at the client location. The challenge initially presented by the client becomes our shared responsibility that we tackle with integrity, hard work, innovation, best practices, and experience-based problem-solving efficiency. 

It is common for us to hear from manufacturing companies when… 

  • profits have taken a hit because of operational inefficiencies, 
  • suppliers need additional resources or training to course-correct product quality issues, 
  • shipping schedules are failing to meet customer requirements, 
  • workforce shortages have resulted in lack of skilled labor for maintaining production levels, 
  • suppliers are being asked to demonstrate compliance to industry standards, 
  • long-term company growth will include new plant launches in the U.S. and an experienced strategic launch advisor would bolster likelihood of success, 
  • siting for future manufacturing startups is under review by environmental and local regulatory bodies, 
  • new product launches will require a unique supply chain engagement strategy, or 
  • any combination of these issues or other issues impacting performance and/or revenue. 

Our team delivers immediate results.  

To avoid major crises or disruptions like those listed above, it is our recommendation that clients always focus on continuous improvement. We enjoy partnering with manufacturers to proactively assess operational performance, implement systems that address identified areas for improvement, and train our client’s workforce to sustain successful operations – before a crisis hits.  

Many thanks to members of my team at High Value Manufacturing – Becky Ferrell, Brian Hartman, Don Gauthier, and Pat Smith – for getting in front of a camera to tell our story. We are passionate about our work and contributing to client success.  



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