Video: Why I started HVMC

Bill May founded High Value Manufacturing in 2015 after a lengthy, rewarding career in the heart of the automotive manufacturing industry. Equipped with a deep understanding of manufacturing operational excellence, Bill and his team began helping manufacturing clients assess operational issues and implement process improvements.

Listen to Bill May explain the motivation for launching HVMC and how he delivers value to clients…


Bill acknowledges that operational challenges within client facilities are due to a variety of factors. It is common for a manufacturing facility to lack the time, knowledge, and resources to address operational issues that are negatively impacting performance and profitability.

Manufacturers can become overwhelmed with the number of tasks in front of them, unable to determine which of those urgent day-to-day tasks should take priority. An outside influx of knowledge, experience, guidance, and skilled resources are often necessary to correct those issues in the short- and long-term.

As Bill says,

“[Manufacturers are] trying to figure out how to get on top of things. In other words, they don’t have the structure, the systems, the processes, and quite frankly, the skilled resources in the people that they need to address these problems, one by one – and put them to bed forever.”

Bill started his manufacturing consulting firm to deliver more than just “consulting” services. He and his team not only assess issues and create a plan of action, but also roll up their sleeves and activate a network of highly skilled, experienced resources to 1) implement new and/or improved practices and systems, 2) measure/track key performance indicators, and 3) mentor the existing workforce and managers to integrate those processes for long-term success.

Additionally, Bill believes that a successful manufacturing sector is important for a thriving U.S. economy. The experienced team at High Value Manufacturing maximizes throughput and profitability of manufacturing facilities – from OEMs to Tiers 1/2/3 and down the supply chain – to strengthen domestic manufacturing capacity. The company’s HVM Resiliency Partners division offers full-range services for manufacturers in the areas of onshoring, manufacturing startup, supply chain management, and sustainable operational performance.

High Value Manufacturing has become a full-range partner for immediate results and sustainable continuous improvement practices for manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad.


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